Thursday, 23 February 2012

Keep Your Home FREE From Damp and Mould

Is your home Damp? Damp can create mould on walls and furniture. Damp can be caused by condensation. Please read below which will explain how condensation forms and how you can prevent it happening in your home.

First Steps against Condensation:

You (tenants) can help prevent condensation in your home by wiping down all windows and window sills every morning (or when moisture is present) rinsing out the cloth rather than drying it on radiators.

You can purchase condensation channels and sponge strips which can be bought from B & Q etc. These are fitted to windows to collect the condensation and moisture around the windows, which will help prevent the windows frames from rotting and preventing damp.

First Steps against Mould:

If you deal with mould at the first point of noticing it, it should not re-appear. To kill and remove mould wipe down walls, window frames, furniture etc with bleach. Do not dilute the bleach and wear marrigolds at all times to protect your skin. Brushing down the mould or vaccuming can increase the risk of respiratory problems.

Is it Condensation?

Condensation is not the only cause of damp, it can also be formed from the following:
  • Leaking pipes
  • Rain seeping through roof tiles, is a tile or slate is missing.
  • Blocked gutters
If your home is damp you will need to heat and ventilate the property to be able to dry out. Using a dehumidifier will help.

What is Condensation?

There is always moisture in the air. If the air does get colder and it can not hold all the moisture tiny drops of water will appear which is knowen as condensation.

Condensation occurs mainly during cold weather, even if its not raining. Can be seen in the corners  on or near windows, in or behind wardrobes and cupboards.

How to avoid Condensation?

  1. Produce less moisture.
    1. Cooking: Cover pots and pans to reduce moisture
    2. Washing Clothes: Put all washing outdoors to dry or put it in the bathromo with the door closed and windows open or turn the extractor fan on.
  2. Ventilate to remove moisture
    1. Keep a small window on a trickle ventilator open at all times and especially when you are in.
    2. When in the kitchen and bathroom making sure the windows are open wider, or alternatively turn the fan on (if have one). Close the kitchen and bathroom doors when you are using the rooms even if you have an extractor fan on, this will help not let moisture into other rooms.
    3. Allow space for the air to circulate. Open doors to ventilate all cupboards and wardrobes. Always leave space between the backs of furniture and internal walls and external walls.
  3. Insulate
    1. Ensure the landlord has provided insulation in the loft.
  4. Heat your home a little more
    1. When the weather is cold the best way to keep the room warm enough and to avoid condensation is keep low background heating on all day, even when you are not in. This is very important in flats where the bedrooms are not above a warm living room. Turn your Central heating on to provide background warmth in all rooms including the rooms you do not use.
Points to Remember:

  • Produce less moisture
    • Cover all pots and pans
    • Dry clothes outside
  • Ventilate to remove all moisture
    • Ventilate at all times, especially when you are in
    • Increase ventilation in the kitchen and bathroom when in use and shut the doors
    • Ventilate cupboards and wardrobes by opening wardrobes and cupboard doors
  • Insulate
    • Ensure insulation in the roof
  • Heat your home
    • Have low background heat on all day, with windows open on trickle to provide ventilation

I hope this information helps anyone who is struggling with damp/condensation in the household. Follow the tips above.

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